marți, 10 octombrie 2017

What to learn from kids

The quality of your adult life can easily be improved if you will decide to take advantage of some childish traits. You will see that children are constantly active. They skip and jump and they do short sprints. As you will get older, your metabolism slows and your body will start breaking down. Due to the lack of physical activity the body will break down and the weight gaining problems will start to appear. You will need to always move your body.
Kids smile and laugh all of the time. They are playful and they always find something to laugh about. A child smiles more than 400 times a day. An adult only smiles for 15-20 times a day. Humor is contagious and will reinforce the connection people have.
A kid will always know how to make work not feel like work. They pretending different things, like being a superhero that absorb things while vacuuming. You can always put music while you are cleaning. You will see that this activity will turn out to be really fulfilling.
Another great thing about kids is the fact that they are very curious. They ask questions about anything. For them, anything new is always interesting and they want to discover all they can. They are really interested in people. They listen and they don`t are afraid to [push people to reveal their deeper and more personal subjects.
A kid will always speak his mind without hesitation. They aren`t worried about how they`re being perceived. They will always spit out the first thing that comes into their head. You always know what a kid is thinking about. Another thing that they will do is that they will never hide their emotions.
Kids don`t expect the worst in people. They go into every interaction with a glass-half-full mentality. They will never expect to get screwed over. A kid will hold some crazy amount of eye contact. Kids won`t assume the worst in others and they are curious about everything around them. They won`t hesitate to look someone new straight in their eyes. This is why adults find them so charming and so adorable. Another thing that can be learned from a kid is that he never holds grudges. They will get mad and frustrated but they always get over it. When someone will say sorry they let it go. Kids won`t contemplate ways to get revenge.

marți, 8 august 2017

Events funny student

The period in which you are student it is the most beautiful for a young man. I say this from experience. I never thought, until getting to live that, as a college boy thing is so beautiful, even if I had heard from other colleagues some stories. I believe that I have lived this period of every young man in the part, not because it helps you to become something in life necessarily, but for all the memories you form here. I was impressed to see so many beautiful people with thinking so productive, and that made me not think for a second withdrawal. I think on me at least, the people here keep me more than school itself.

I'm sure you've all heard stories of students related to sex, clubs, sex shop, or other places like this that make youth more beautiful through certain experiences. Even if they seem funny, to live on your own skin is incredibly beautiful. Each experience living here makes you think about the beauty of life, to analyze each situation in itself and to choose every time the best way for you.

The stories of the students varies from person to person, and the pranks here are the best. The hangover happens the most fun things that can be retold for a long time and remain as funny as when they happened those things. For example, a colleague of mine has made a gift to another colleague a cock ring just for as expect to don't know what it is. We amused terrible when he called home and asked my parents about that object.